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'As of Monday 19 October wearing a face mask is mandatory in all buildings'

Tightening restrictions to combat the coronavirus. What does it entail for the educational activities at Inholland?The cabinet announced a semi-lockdown to reduce the spread of covid-19 which means that current measures remain unchanged for the higher education sector. However, as of Monday 19 October it will be mandatory for students and colleagues to wear a face mask in all of our buildings.

Wearing a face mask In public areas of all buldings such as the hallways, the corridors and the cafeterias of Inholland you have to wear a face mask. The measure is still awaiting approval by the Council of Inholland (University of Applied Sciences). Until then the urgent advice to wear a face mask still applies.

Only attend scheduled educational activities Studying from home remains the norm unless this is really not an option for you. Under the tightened measures the situation of our education activities remain unchanged: education will continue as planned. Only head to the university to attend scheduled educational activities. The commute is deemed as essential travel and therefore permitted by the government.

The situation for practical education classes where wearing a face mask was already mandatory remains the same.