Check Mia’s top 3 tips on how she made the most out of online education, what were her experiences?

Tracking answers via Moodle forum

The option I really enjoyed using was the forum on study platform Moodle. These Q&A forums enabled me to refer back to certain discussions when I was later revising exams which would’ve been impossible before online education occurred. Just imagine the number of times you remembered that the question you have was once answered in the classroom, but a few weeks later you cannot remember what the answer actually was.

Social contact cannot be replaced

At times I did feel a bit more lonely. I missed being able to spend lecture breaks chatting with my friends or going for lunches together. There is something in social contact that cannot ever be replaced by an online video or a phone call.

I learned that that this new educational approach can carry many benefits when executed correctly. I believe that this has been one big learning curve for everyone - students, teachers, the institution as a whole and that only improvements can be expected onwards.