Top 10 tips to study more efficiently

As the first cohort to experience studying online and in person you are getting used to a new way of learning which can be exciting and daunting. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your time at Inholland.

Tip #1: Make a study plan/schedule so you can study at your own pace

Tip #2: Get a good night’s sleep before you start studying

Tip #3: Eliminate distractions! Multi-tasking does not improve efficiency

Tip #4: Study in short bursts. Take breaks to recharge in between studying

Tip #5: Ask for help! Your teachers and peers are there to help you do your best

Tip #6: Colour code important information

Tip #7: Study with a group. You may have questions that they have answers to and vice versa

Tip #8: Switch up your setting e.g. around campus, libraries & cafes

Tip #9: Utilise quieter periods to lighten the load before exam week

Tip #10: Reward yourself for your hard work to help you enjoy studying