Student life

Student life is about more than obtaining a degree. It is about getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new places. Have a look bellow for some tips on what to explore in the city you are studying in.

Amsterdam/Diemen - The Light Festival

The Amsterdam Light Festival is coming up and you can use your student discount to explore the beautiful canals of Amsterdam.

Haarlem - Go for a run in Haarlemmerhout

Check out the Haarlem ice skating rink or go for a run in Haarlemmerhout, the oldest public park in the Netherlands. In the park, you'll notice Villa Welgelegen, a unique historical building, which currently houses the offices of the provincial executives of North Holland.

The Hague - Visit the Japanese Garden!

The Japanese Garden in Clingendael Park is open to 31st October so don’t miss out on seeing rare trees and plants.

Delft - Visit the famous Prince's Court!

Studying can be tiring and overwhelming. What better way to let steam out, than getting to know a little more about the history of the Netherlands. Visit the famous Prince’s Court.