Start your studies in September

If you are going to start your studies in September and the positive developments regarding the corona virus continue, it's very likely you'll attend classes on campus; no social distance rule apply in the classrooms. We do expect a couple of corona measures to remain in force, such as wearing a face mask and allowing a maximum number of people in one room.

Personal contact and guidance Of course you are able to study all courses related to your studies. Last year taught us the number of possibilities for online education. Not all classes need to necessarily take place on campus. We are considering which classes should be offered on campus and which ones remain online. Personal guidance is very important especially during the start of your studies. You’ll be in contact with a lot of your lecturers, deans and fellow students via online channels and in small groups on campus.

FAQ – Education with the corona measures Open Day Inholland University of Applied Sciences

9 June 2021

Am I as an international student eligible for a vaccination in the Netherlands? All international students are eligible for a vaccination. The essential prerequisite is that you are registered at the municipality of your city and therefore registered in the BRP (“Basisregistratie Personen”). This address is used by the RIVM to send the invitation letter for the vaccination. At the moment registration of vaccination in your home country is not required. However it is strongly advised to bring proof of your vaccination in your home country with you upon arrival in the Netherlands. Read more.

Do I need to carry out a self-test in order to study at Inholland University of Applied Sciences? All staff and students planning to visit Inholland for educational activities are being asked to self-test first. If you’re symptom-free and wish to come in to the campus for educational activities, then the testing will be for preventive reasons.

Am I allowed to travel to the Netherlands? The travel ban aimed at non-essential travels is lifted. We follow the travel advice stated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The colour codes are leading. Only if the respective country indicates a positive travel advice (colour code yellow or green) then you are allowed to travel to that specific European country. From September onwards we can offer more possibilities to travel abroad for study purposes.

How will my studies look like in September? We adhere to the scenario strategies imposed by the Ministry of Education, just like other universities (of applied sciences) do in the Netherlands. This is illustrated in the so-called basic scenario: meaning that you’ll be able to attend educational activities on campus every day and that you do not need to keep the 1.5 meters distance anymore. However it is still mandatory to wear a face mask when ‘moving around’ outside the lecture halls and classrooms. Furthermore, a minimum of 75 people are allowed to attend educational activities.

Will you provide online education during the new academic year? Last year taught us the number of possibilities for online education. Not all classes need to necessarily take place on campus. We are considering which classes should be offered on campus and which ones remain online. It is paramount that we continue to meet each other and that we can provide you with decent education.

Do I need to wear a face mask inside the buildings of Inholland? Yes wear a face mask in all public areas inside the building, such as the hall, the corridors and the cafeterias. In class rooms, offices and conference rooms you can wear a face mask if you like, however it is not mandatory. The strict use of face masks is especially important in areas with continuous movement, such as the hall. The moment you sit down at the cafeteria or any other public seating area you are allowed to remove your face mask. Obviously, ensuring the 1.5 meter distance.

What happens when the cases are increasing and the government imposes new measures? We are reasoning from the positive but in case of potential new local cases of the corona virus or in case of increased transmission figures we revert to a ‘fall back scenario’. This would mean we are going back to full or partially online education. Will I be able to attend the orientation days? We hope to give you a warm welcome during the orientation days. It looks like it’ll be possible to organize them in our own buildings. We are still discussing with the municipality whether to go into the city. Where can I find information about the orientation days? In the MyStart-app you’ll find information about the orientation days organized by your study programme. What is required for online education in terms of laptops and software programmes? Our advice is to arrange a comfortable remote study desk including a laptop and wifi connection. We use various programmes. Ask via your study programme whether your laptop requires special features. Log in to the university’s network with your Inholland account and start your assignments. Throughout all of our buildings you can study individually on a laptop or with your fellow students. What are my chances on the labour market when looking at the impact of the corona crisis? The labour market is obviously influenced by the pandemic. A particular industry might require more people than before or perhaps work looks completely different. It requires a new way of working; internships might look different now as well. I’ll start my studies next year at Inholland. Do I receive a discount of my tuition fee? In the academic year 2021-2022 students will receive a 50% discount of the tuition fee. The percentage is still subject to change. The percentage will be final once that particular law is adopted. Head to the website of DUWO for more information. I have another question, whom should I address to? If you have any other questions feel free to contact the service center of Inholland via:Mail: