Student associations


Amsterdam is home to large international community and multiple universities, so there are associations and (sport) clubs for everyone. The following associations are not affiliated to a particular faculty and are therefore the ideal place to get to know other students.

  • ESN Inholland Diemen hosts activities for all international students in Diemen.
  • ASVA offers student services such as housing mediation and cheap bikes.
  • AEGEE the largest trans-national, interdisciplinary student organisation in Europe (site in Dutch).
  • AIESEC us a global youth leadership movement.
  • ISMA is organised by Dutch Christians for students, academics and researchers.
  • SIB is an association for those interested in international relations.


Because Inholland Delft shares the building and facilities with Delft University of Technology, you'll benefit from all that the large international student community has to offer. Some of the bigger international student associations are AEGEE-Delft and ESN Delft.

Study Association

Aeronautical Engineering has its own study association, V.S.V. Sipke Wynia. They organise the introduction days and many social and educational activities throughout the year. Highlight of the year is the America Tour, a two week study trip to the United States. During this tour, a lot of different aviation related companies, such as NASA, US Air Force, Embraer and Boeing, are visited in a wide variety of cities.


Haarlem is the right spot for a great student life. There's plenty to do, whether you're looking for the best beer or the best bar to dance. ESN Inholland Haarlem is the international association which organises fun social events and cultural trips.

Both international courses in Haarlem have their own study associations. They often organise guest lectures, company visits and seminars, but also parties to meet fellow students.

  • Join Creatix Populus if you're studying Creative Business: International Music Management
  • Or join Lepidoptera for students Information Technology.

The Hague

The Hague is home to multiple universities and a large international community. There are therefore loads of clubs where students can take part in sports, culture or music.

  • Inholland The Hague has its own Creative Business study association: Edgar Dale. Edgar Dale organises fun activities to bring students together and create a good balance between studying and having fun! Edgar Dale is located next to our courtyard.
  • ACKU organises activities for students in the field of culture, art and going out and is located next to our courtyard. Together with students ACKU organizes the student introduction festival OH OH INTRO (first week of September).
  • Interaccess is run for and by international students and organises parties and cultural excursions.
  • Basketball Club Seagulls
  • Tennis club Leimonas
  • HSSO Valerius is an ambitious and cosy symphony orchestra for students and young professionals in The Hague.
  • Model United Nations of The Hague offers students the ability to gain further insight into the workings of international relations.
  • ESN The Hague provides a home away from home for international and homecoming students.