Practical matters

Start your year off right by making sure you're up to speed with everything Inholland has to offer. Need help? We are here for you We know that the current situation could be confusing. If you have questions about the status of your application or the specific rules that apply for this extraordinary academic year please contact our admission office via Wondering about the online education or practical matters? Please contact our Recruitment Office at:

Check the Education Guide!

Do you have a question? Is there something unclear about your education? Or do you have the ambition to take your degree to the next level? The Education Guide has the answer.

The Education Guide contains specific information that is important to you as a student. In the guide you will find everything about your rights and obligations. It is good to be aware of both. Do you already have questions about your rights? For example if you have dyslexia or you want to request an exemption? Read about it in the Education Guide.


We know you will be starting one of the biggest adventures of your life under very strange circumstances. Despite that we are very excited to start this journey with you. Please make sure you have completed all the admission requirements listed on your self-service portal: 1. Upload your (translated) diploma and grades through Selfservice. 2. To pay your tuition fees, issue adigital authorisationvia Studielink. 3. Complete the Study Check. 4. Upload your photo for your student card. When is my application complete? You will receive your student card and a proof of enrolment. You'll get the proof of enrolment via e-mail. The student card will be send to your home address in the Netherlands or, if you don't have a Dutch address, the International Office of your location. 

Student card

Your student card gives you access to our printing and rental facilities. Besides that, it also gives you student discounts on products and services! Your student card will be sent to you at the beginning of the academic year. If you supplied a foreign address, you can collect your card from your local International Office or Service Desk. Need to upload your photo?

Housing in Holland

Inholland reserves a number of rooms with housing providers for first-year international students – this means you 😊. These rooms are off-campus and are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Inholland has a limited amount of rooms left in the various campuses. Do you still need accommodation? Please contact us at: You can also chose apply for housing through what we call ‘direct offer’. Direct offer lists the available accommodation options, directly from the housing organisation – DUWO. You need to make an account on, pay an administration fee and apply for your room/studio.

Talk to a student counsellor

Are you struggling with some personal stuff that takes your mind off study? Student counsellors are here to help you if you have to deal with issues such as illness, family circumstances, disabilities and psychological problems. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Watch this video or read the FAQ on Iris.

Service Desk

Each location has its own Service Desk, your first point of contact for any questions regarding your student card, your Wi-Fi connection, Inholland computers, renting laptops, examinations and reserving study rooms. You can also reserve cameras, study rooms and all kinds of other equipment via the online Service Desk.