Studying in the backdrop of corona

What will my studies be like during the coronavirus crisis? We are aware of the fact that you and your parents might have a lot of questions about this topic. We have summarised most frequently asked questions:

Will you provide education on campus or only online? As long as the measures are in place we will facilitate education in a different manner. It is very likely that most classes will be taught online. This of course depends on the developments around the coronavirus and the imposed measures of the government. With regard to on campus education, certain student groups are prioritized and you as first year student belong to this group.

What kind of tools are required for online education? Arrange a solid wifi signal for your laptop and a comfortable study place at your home for you to study. You should bring your own laptop so you can study online. We are using different kind of software programmes. Do you log in with your Inholland-account and connect onto the wifi-network of the university? Then you can make full use of the assignments.

How do you provide study guidance? Your lecturers will do their utmost best to guide you into your new study programme. As a first year student a study coach will be assigned to you who will answer all of your questions.

In case I have to go to the university will it be a safe environment? We encourage you to study from home as much as possible. In our buildings on campus several safety measures are outlined, see here (scroll down to English).

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