Introduction Days

Before you start your studies, it's first time for the introduction days! In addition to the activities of your own programme, there are also joint activities. Enjoy exploring your student city and meeting fellow students! Quickly scroll down to your location.

Amsterdam & Diemen

During the Social Start-Up in the week of 26 August, you'll meet your fellow students and be given important information about what the start of your programme will entail. Don’t miss the introduction on Thursday 29 August with the BLEND. Introduction festival! This event is going to be organized by students for students. During the festival various activities are organized with the intent to get to know your fellow students of the different study programmes. Of course, snacks and drinks will be provided.

Please keep up to date by following our Instagram @blend.introductionfestival, so you will be ready on Thursday 29 August to open the academic year with all new students and enjoy this special experience that will create a lasting impression on you.


Take the chance to meet your fellow students and visit the city of Haarlem during the introduction days. They take place in the last week of August. You don't want to miss this!

These days will be bursting with fun activities and socializing. The programme will be announced as soon as possible. Check your MyStart app for more information!

The Hague

The ICB programme starts on Monday 2 September 2019. The week leading up to this, will be the Introduction Week. You will be expected, so don't miss it!

During the Introduction Week, which takes place from Tuesday 27 to Thursday 29 August, you will meet your fellow students, receive important information about the start of your study, and of course have loads of fun! Keep an eye on the MyStart app for the latest info.