Blog Melanie: a glimpse of studying at Inholland

Hi! My name is Melanie,

I’m a second-year student of Inholland.

I am German and I have Nigerian roots. I was not going to study a course that would just earn me a degree but beyond that, becoming a person of impact that wants to contribute to society. I have always been very particular about change, especially in the African community where I am from. I made it my responsibility to choose a definite path that allows me to touch people’s lives, starting with the foundation namely the right course.

Making impact As they equip you with a solid knowledge, you are also looking into trends and developments, problems, and diverse opportunities to solve these problems and make an impact. One of the most interesting aspects of the course are the company-case projects where you get a case study from a chosen company that is for example, looking to introduce a new product into the market and your task then is to innovate around an ideal product that suits their existing business model. Get loose and let your imaginations flow, design, and build until you arrive at a final product.

The curiosity skill As you progress, you are also developing various essential skills that will sustain you in the process, one of them that I call the “curiosity” skill. Continuously asking questions. It gives room for learning because there is the desire to know more.

The problem-thinking skill Curiosity also feeds one of the most essential skills that is vital during your studies, your problem-thinking skill. This skill comes in handy for everyday living.